Foton R15 EMF Protector

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How does the Foton R15 work?
The Foton R15 produces a modulated thin field effect which compliments the biological field of the human body to neutralize the harmful effects, from both electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic fields, which are given off by electronic devices.

Is the Foton R15 safe to use?
Yes. Testing has shown that there are no harmful effects from the use of the Foton R15. It is completely benign and has no known side-effects.

Will the Foton R15 work on different kinds of electronic devices?
Yes. The Foton R15 has been shown to provide its neutralizing effect when applied to devices containing integrated circuits, regardless of the type of device.

Will the Foton R15 work on any model or brand of cellular or mobile phone, or cordless phone?
Yes. The Foton R15 is designed to provide its neutralizing effect on any brand or model of mobile or cordless phones.

Can the Foton R15 be used with other electronic devices, such as laptop computers, Blackberries, MP3 and iPod players, and iPhones?
Yes. All of these devices contain integrated circuits and therefore should have a Foton R15 attached to them when used.

What is the range of the Foton R15?
The neutralizing effect of the Foton R15 has been observed and validated in tests where a mobile (cellular) phone is located half a meter away from the subject.

How long will the Foton R15 provide its neutralizing effects?
On frequently-used devices the Foton R15 should provide its neutralizing effects for a minimum of one year. If a person’s health or immune system is under severe stress, then the neutralizing power of the Foton R15 will be used up more quickly and it should be replaced about every three months. We have special pricing for repeat orders.

Is one Foton R15 enough for each electronic device?
For small hand-held devices such as cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, and PDAs one Foton R15 should be sufficient. For larger devices such as laptop, netbook, and desk top computers, these should have two Foton R15’s attached to them because they contain a much larger quantity of integrated circuits, which in turn require more power to neutralize. For a desk top computer, attach one Foton R15 to the computer case at the point closest to the user, and another one to the monitor.

Has the Foton R15 been independently tested to verify its neutralizing properties?
Yes. The Foton R15 has been independently tested at the Binar Scientific Research Institute, the NTC IRES Scientific-Technical Center for testing of radio- electronic devices, the Department of Functional Diagnostics of the Center for Pathology of Speech and Neuro-rehabilitation, the Russian Ministry of Health’s Federal Center for Disease Control, the National Center for Disaster Medicine, the Biology Faculty of Moscow State University, and has been granted Russian patent no.24747.