Foton R15 EMF Protector

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The Foton R15 prevents harm from cell phone emissions by neutralizing them. More effective than blockers and shields, the Foton R15 is a patented, scientifically proven device which interacts with emissions from electronic devices to neutralize their harmful effects on health.

  • Neutralizes harmful emissions from cell phones and other electronic devices.               
  • Health effects. Restores normal biological functioning.
  • Represents fundamental scientific breakthroughs in: Field Theory Biology
                                                                            Non-electromagnetic fields
                                                                            Biogeometric fields
  • How it works. The Foton R15 produces its own biogeometric field to neutralize
    the harmful biogeometric field produced by electronics.                      
  • Scientifically tested and patented: (see testimonial).
  • How to attach and use the Foton R15 with any electronic device.
  • Warranty for 30 days against defects.                                       

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